• One mom, Jennifer Cusimano said she went to BabyView in Ajax for a 3D ultrasound on May 3. She said she paid $160 for two images, gender determination and a recording of her unborn child’s heartbeat.

  • Australian Supermodel Elle McPherson is already the biological mother to two birth children Arpad Flynn Busson Aurelius and Cy Andrea Busson, ages 17 and 12 respectively. Now, the 51-year-old Aussie beauty will become a mother once more, but it will be done via a surrogate. That said, no one should assume that McPherson is concerned […]

  • The world famous actor Vin Diesel has named his newborn daughter Pauline in honor of his fallen friend and co-star Paul Walker who passed away in a tragic car accident in 2014. The 47-year-old actor had his third child, a girl, with his longtime partner Paloma Jiménez on March 16, 2015. Diesel decided to let […]

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  • Couple Robbing Walmart Forgot Kids

    October 15 01:44pm

    Oops Police say 20-year-old Michael S. Kaufman took a cellphone and tried to take a tablet computer, destroying the attached display in the process. Police say 19-year-old Kelsey Grobmeier hid makeup under a baby car seat. When confronted, the couple fled the store, leaving a 3-year-old and 18-month-old behind around 7 p.m. EDT Wednesday. Source […]

  • We’re Not Having A Baby

    April 20 12:50pm

    Sadly we are no longer having a baby at this time. At week 11, we had our first ultrasound. During the procedure, the tech was unable to see anything. After another blood test, it was confirmed that Annie was no longer pregnant. Her hCG levels had dropped from 25,000 to 6,000. The doctor thinks that […]

  • cheerleaders breast cancer shirts banned

    October 15 01:49pm

    The cheerleading squad at Gilbert High School has been told they cannot wear their pink T-shirts to raise money for breast cancer awareness during the school’s football games because the administration finds the shirts display an objectionable slogan The shirts, which say “Gilbert cheer” on the front and “Feel for lumps, save your bumps” on […]

  • Kourtney Kardashian Loses 30 Pounds Of Baby Weight

    October 21 12:19pm

    Kourtney Kardashian Loses Almost All of Her Baby Weight

  • Beyonce’s First 2012 Blue Ivy Carter Photos Finally Released Photos

    February 17 09:11pm

    There are photos of the baby by herself as well as in her father’s arms.

  • We’re Having A Baby – 204 Days To Launch

    April 04 04:36pm

    We’ve been busy the last week or so. It seems like we always have somewhere to go.

  • Preparing For The Arival – 215 Days To Go

    March 24 07:01pm

    Yesterday we moved one step closer to getting ready for the new arrival.

  • We’re Having A Baby — 217 Days To Launch

    March 24 07:45pm

    I’ve decided to blog every day until the birth of our new rug rat.

  • McDonald’s Biggest Resturant For The Olympics

    May 03 06:04pm

    It’s booked to be 32,292 square feet, which is approximately half the length of a normal sized football field.

  • Portia and Ellen address baby rumors

    January 05 09:49pm

    Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres know first-hand that when you are famous people like to talk about you. Some of the stories have basis to them and some they have no idea where they started at all. Actors often choose to ignore the gossip that is about them but this couple chose to answer […]