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    What age to start hunting

    I guess this question is more for the dads rather than the moms. My 8 year old asks me almost weekly to take him hunting with me. I have taken him once and he was sleeping within 10 minutes. I'm thinking about trying it agan this year and see how it goes.

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    I think it depends on the kid more than anything. Some kids are ready to go around 6-7, while others need to mature a bit more.

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    That's true Ron. You would of course never give a kid under 12 a gun unless it is a bb gun. When we went I did the shooting, well the holding anyway. I didn't want to shoot when he was sleeping next to me... Next time I take him I will let him take his bb gun. We will both shoot at the same time so he can be a part of it.

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    From a mom to a dad lol

    Nothing wrong with teaching a boy how to provide for his family. Boys these days are to wimpy and need dads like you. Keep up the good work!

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    I would take him if he asked me over and over again. He is showing an interest so encourage that.

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