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    Great Grandparents

    Is there anyone here who have seen their great grandparents alive? I have seen and still clearly remember my great grandfather. My great grandfather died when I was 9 years old. My mom said that my great grandmother was still alive when I was born but soon died after that so I don't have memory about her.

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    Up until 8 months ago my Grandfather lived with me in a small apartment in our basement. He lived with us for almost 7 years before he passed away to cancer. My children are so lucky to have had great-grandpa living with them. Every morning he had them down for breakfast, and he taught them how to feed the birds and even pulled my son's first tooth! We miss him so much...our home is not the same without him.

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    I saw my great grandpa, he was 101 years old when we lost him. I was 7 years old and remember him walk like bamboo stick in air. He was very lean but active. But lost my grandpa when he was 72.

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