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    Going to Movies or watching DVDs?

    Would you rather take your small grandkids to the movie theater or just rent some DVDs to watch at home. Maybe pop some popcorn have some juice and other snacks and just gather around the TV. I think I would like to stay home and watch them.

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    Well I'm thinking grandparent or parent, DVDs at home are the answer for me. It is just so much easier to be at home watching a movie. You can stop them at anytime and come back to it when ready. Just a lot of good reasons to stay home. Although we will go to the movies once in a while. (but they are expensive!)

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    I think that watching a movie at home is much more convenient. No inclement weather and you can simply pause the movie when need be. Cheaper too

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    I have not been to the cinema for a few years now because my children are too young and I am not going to pay a sitter to go to the cinema. I do not watch dvd's either. I spend most of my free time chatting in forums.

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    If its an action packed very exciting movie then i go to the cinema.. but its all about the story like romance then i watch it on DVD..

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