10-year-old gives birth in Mexico

10 year old mother in Mexico

A ten year old girl has given birth, and now Mexican authorities want to know who got her pregnant.

The child delivered a baby boy at just 31 weeks gestation after arriving at a medical center suffering from life threatening complications this week. The bay weighed just 3.3 pounds and had to be put into intensive care after delivery to fight off pnemonia.

The mother has been released from the hospital but continues to visit the baby daily to breastfeed and bond.

Mexican authorities are looking into if the girl was raped, and who the father may be.

In Mexico girls can not consent to sexual activity before age 12, making this birth a crime in itself. She was ineligible to receive an abortion under Mexican law which states that only women who can prove sexual assauly may receive an abortion without criminal charges.

10-year-old gives birth in Mexico
10-year-old gives birth in Mexico

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