9-Year-Old Saves Sister With CPR

A 9-year-old boy performed CPR on his sister and saved her life after she nearly drowned.

The incident occurred when Tristin Saghin was staying at his grandmother’s house in Mesa, Arizona. The boy and his family were visiting from Las Vegas.

Saghin’s 2-year-old sister apparently wandered away from the house. She was discovered in the backyard pool a short time later.

Tristin’s mother and grandmother immediately called 911 as Tristin began performing CPR with chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Tristin says his sister began breathing soon after he started CPR. She is currently staying overnight at a local hospital but is expected to make a full recovery.

Tristin’s CPR knowledge apparently came from watching the rescue maneuver being performed on TV. CPR typically takes a few hours for most people to learn and feel comfortable with. However, the American Heart Association created a YouTube video of about a minute which covers CPR’s basic instructions.

Captain Forrest Smith with the Mesa Fire Department praised Tristin’s calm reaction. Smith says the boy did everything correctly despite his young age. Tristin’s actions are under consideration for an award from the city of Mesa.

Tristin’s mother and grandmother declined to comment to the media.

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