96-Year-Old Becomes Word’s Oldest Dad

96-Year-Old Becomes Word's Oldest Dad

A man by the name of Ramjeet Raghav claims to be the world’s oldest dad at 96.

According to examiner.com, Raghav has two children now and is not planning any more. Ninety-six is the oldest recorded age in today’s time, and even the Bible only lists ages in the 90s for the oldest parents.

Ramjeet Raghav and his bride of 54 live on a rich diet of almonds, milk and butter. They met 22 years ago and love to do yoga, according to the Christian Post.

“My wife will undergo a tubectomy operation this year. We aren’t planning more children, two are more than enough and I have limited financial resources, which can only sustain their needs. I want to send them to school and wish to see them lead a respectable life,” the farmer says.

The first time the record for oldest father was broken was in 2010 by Raghav, and now again on October 16, 2012. The Guinness book of records is looking into the actuality of Ramjeet Raghav’s age through the records of the social welfare department.

The Huffpost Style writes that at this point there are no plans for any more children due to financial reasons.

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