Baby Girl Who Survived Crash Is Recovering In The Hospital

utah10n-9-webWhen rescuers found Lily inside of a car in the Utah river, she was not moving. The 18 month-old baby had spent a half a day in the Utah river before she was rescued. Rescuers say that Lily was barely alive when she was taken to the hospital. However, her family says that she is getting better.

Lily’s family members say that her recovery is nothing short of amazing. She is now singing songs in the hospital and laughing. Unfortunately, Lynn, who was Lily’s mother, did not survive the car crash.

Lily would have probably died in the accident if the car had not been discovered by a fisherman. The fisherman noticed that the car flipped upside down in the water. He then called the emergency medical personnel. Cory Slaymaker, who was a police officer who responded to the scene, stated that it was impossible to see the car from the road.

The firemen and police officers put their lives on the line by rescuing Lily. The water was extremely cold, and seven of the people had to be treated for hypothermia after they had rescued Lily. Hypothermia is the medical term for an abnormally low body temperature.


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