‘Baby Joseph’ Makes Progress After Surgery

‘Baby Joseph’ Maraachli is reported to have made some mild progress after undergoing a surgery that would allow the infant to have a tracheotomy.

Maraachli was recently taken to Cardinal-Glennon Children’s Hospital in St. Louis after a Canadian court refused to allow Baby Joseph to undergo the procedure in the family’s home country. Maraachli suffers from a degenerative neurological ailment and was on life support while in Canada. The infant has, for some time, been in a vegetative state and will soon pass away.

His parents petitioned in Canadian court to fight a hospital’s decision to simply remove the child from life support and leave him to live his remaining days at the hospital. Little Joseph’s parents insisted that their son undergo a tracheotomy so that the couple, as well as other family members, could take him home where he could live his remaining days in the loving care of family and friends. When the court took sides with the hospital, Cardinal Glennon Hospital stepped up and said that they would perform the operation.

Baby Joseph received the tracheotomy and is scheduled to have the tubes changed for the first time early this week. The surgery will allow the infant to be transferred to a skilled nursing facility before finally being able to return home.

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