Baby Joseph’s Parents Say ‘Shame On Doctors’

The Canadian parents of baby Joseph Maraachli, who was the terminally ill infant who was the center of international attention in a right-to-life battle before he died last week, will not have more children.

Doctors in Ontario refused to perform a tracheotomy on baby Joseph to help him breathe on his own.

His parents took the doctors and the hospital to court over the issue as they were determined to let baby Joseph receive the tracheotomy and die peacefully at home.

The parents lost the court battle but refused to give up.

An American pro-life group, Priests for Life, heard of the baby Joseph case, took up his cause and flew him to the United States.

Baby Joseph was brought to St. Louis, MO, where he received the tracheotomy and passed away two weeks ago. Baby Joseph was born with a degenerative disease that also took the life of his sister.

Joseph’s father said, “No doctor should impose death and that baby Joseph was able to die peacefully and with dignity.”

Maraachli had a message for his son.

“Fly and tell God about what happened with you and about the doctor that tried to kill you,” Maraachli said. “Your life touched the world.”

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