Picking Baby Names For 2013

Baby Names For 2013
Baby Names For 2013
Each year their are various factors that affect the way that new parents choose names for their infants and 2013 is no different. Just as millions of parents have done for decades, this year’s new parents are choosing names of their favorite celebrities. Actors and actresses, singers, and sport stars are honored each day by having babies carry on their legendary names. Whitney, Adele, Katie, Garth, Brady, Reese, Angelina, and Channing are all favorites.

Another popular trend is using the names of ancient heroes and gods like: Athena, Thor, Atticus, Augusta, and Zeus. The reasoning behind the trend is that hopeful parents feel that they are giving their children names that will help them succeed and survive life’s challenges.

Babies born in 2013 will also bear names that are traditionally non-names. Parents are using names of their favorite vacation spots, birthplaces, and even places their children were conceived. Some parents are choosing names from nature like: Dandelion, Thistle, Juniper or Poppy. Last but not least, nicknames are being used like: Honey, Sweetie, Bear, and Tootsie. Today’s name will inspire youngsters to ask where their name came from.

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