Back To School Vaccines Tweens And Teen

New Immunizations For Adolescents Being Recommended

Until now, vaccination requirements pretty much ended for our children upon entering kindergarten but that is changing with new vaccination requirements for adolescents.

New vaccinations that will be required include a booster shot against whooping cough, which has been making a come back in recent years. These will be administered to the 11 year old age group. A number of US states are requiring proof of Tdap vaccination for entry into middle school. Tdap is the vaccine that protects against pertussis – more commonly called whooping cough – tetanus and diphtheria. The concern about whooping cough has been warranted with over 21,000 cases reported in the US in 2010 alone, resulting in 26 deaths.

The other new vaccine requirement affects 16-year-olds who will need to get a meningitis booster to follow up the initial dose administered at around age 11. Due to a rare, although deadly, form of meningitis that targets teens and first year college students the Center for Disease Control and Prevention added the vaccine to the list. This particular strain of meningitis is very aggressive and can kill those infected in 24 hours or less.

The booster is necessary because the fist dose is only effective for around 5 years as was recently discovered by researchers.

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