Beyonce And Baby Bump Travel The World

Beyonce debuted her baby bump to music fans as the surprise finale to her stage appearance at the 2011 VMAs in August.

Now it’s safe to say that Beyonce and her baby bump have been debuted to the world.

Beyonce was seen sporting her baby bump at some in some of the most romantic locations across the globe, including France, Italy and even Croatia.

Now the pair have been spotted in the Big Apple. Paparazzi were able to snap some photos of the expectant mother this weekend as she was leaving her New York City hotel.

The “Baby Boy” singer was sporting a black and white dress.

The fashion piece was remnant of a jumper, with solid black sleeves and similar front with buttons added for style.

The bodice was dominantly white, as was the gathered and pleated skirt, featuring black, horizontal stripes that accentuated her growing breasts and the baby in tow.

Beyonce was wearing her big, trademark smile and had a large leather purse tucked under one arm.

Beyonce looked amazing in the fashion that was definitely designed to give expecting moms a sense of style without looking too much like a worn-out school teacher. She was glowing while showing the world that being pregnant can look good.

So When Is Beyonce’s Due Date?

According to Radar, Beyonce was already 3 months pregnant when she appeared on the MTV awards back on August 28.

So according to the SmellyDiaper due date calculator, Beyonce is Due November 28 (give or take a week).

Here is a breakdown of Beyonce’s pregnancy according to the SmellyDiaper pregnancy calculator.

Estimated Conception Date:     February 28, 2011
End of first trimester:     May 28, 2011
End of second trimester:     August 28, 2011
Due Date:     November 28, 2011
Fetal Age:      218 Days Old

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