Canadian kids Get An F For Fitness

A new report, entitled the “2011 Report Card on Physical Activity for Children and Youth”, issued by Active Healthy Kids Canada indicates that Canadian children are not getting nearly enough physical activity during the day.

Most experts believe that the average children should be doing an hour of physical activity a day. However, this report indicates that only seven percent of all Canadian children reach this goal. This was low enough to receive a grade of “F” from Active Healthy Kids Canada, which promotes healthier living for children.

On average, Canadian kids are only exercising for 14 minutes after school, not nearly enough of a workout to promote physical fitness. Researchers involved with the study made it clear that Canadian kids need to spend less time sitting on the couch, watching television and surfing the internet.

Some blame was also placed on their parents, pointing out that one of the reasons kids do not go outside much anymore is because their parents are attempting to protect them from harm. But researchers tried to make clear that the dangers of potential injury from playing outside pale in comparison to the dangers from a lack of physical activity, including diabetes and heart disease.

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