Cosmo Launches Check Your Puppies Breast Cancer Campaign

With more than one out of three women never checking their breasts for lumps or other signs of breast cancer, Cosmopolitan Magazine decided it was time to raise awareness that self-examination can result in early detection of potentially fatal breast cancer. It has joined forces with CoppaFeel! to launch a Check Your Puppies campaign urging women to check their breasts monthly in order to catch breast cancer evidence in its earliest and most curable stages.

The editor of the popular women’s magazine Cosmopolitan reports that every month the magazine’s Facebook page as well as Twitter feed will feature a different color photograph showing adorable puppies posing with a colorful bra to remind women to do self-exams on their own breasts. Kristin Hellenga, founder of CoppaFeel! who also survived breast cancer herself, notes that women today have a better than 12% chance of getting breast cancer and that the catchy Check Your Puppies message will save lives.


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