3D Clinic Accused Of Giving Moms Stock Images

babyview 3d ultrasound same 2OSHAWA  – Families who paid for 3D ultrasounds are angry after they each received what they say is the same stock image from a clinic in Ajax Ontario.

One mom, Jennifer Cusimano said she went to BabyView in Ajax for a 3D ultrasound on May 3. She said she paid $160 for two images, gender determination and a recording of her unborn child’s heartbeat.

It was when another expectant mother posted the same ultrasound photo of her baby, taken a month earlier, Cusimano was “stunned.”

The two women began exchanging messages and soon discovered they both lived in Oshawa and had both used the same imaging company.

As they shared their story with others on social media and more women turned up with apparently identical photos, Cusimano decided to set up a Facebook page — “BabyView 3D Scam” — to warn other would-be parents.

By Wednesday evening, more than 900 people had joined the site and at least 30 expecting mothers were alleging their 3D ultrasound photos were frauds.

“I was pretty upset,” said Cusimano, who is expecting her third child in September.

“I didn’t do 3D ultrasound photos for my others and this was something special,” she said of the two photos she got from BabyView on May 4 for $163.

BabyView offered an explanation and apology on Facebook saying:

Babyview would like to apologize to our valued customers for the recent situation which occurred due to a technical glitch with the printing services provided (which has been resolved), several of our clients have become concerned regarding their babies images. Babyview is more then happy to adjust the situation and offer a re-scan of the services which were provided.

Please call the clinic or email us and we would be more then happy to resolve the matter.

We do apologize one more time for causing inconvenience and we are trying our level best to rectify the issue as soon as possible.

Parents aren’t buying the explanation.

One mom on Facebook wrote:

Really? Technical difficulty resulted in over 10 people getting the same pictures? Bullsh**. 50% refund? For pictures that weren’t their baby. I seriously hope the people’s photos you have to everyone also sues you for breach of confidentiality.

Another parent added:

A full refund? For pictures that you can’t redo if you’ve had the baby already? For an opportunity that has passed now for many forever? Disgraceful. Hopefully no one takes them up on this. A group lawsuit would be the way to go, and you can’t do that if you take their “refund”.

Parents who visited Babyview described say the technition showed them a blury image on screen.

As reported by the CBC, the technician told them they were going to touch up the photos and left the room, eventually returning with a clear final product.

Markham ultrasound technician Mou Corraya told CBC that an experienced technician will process the images in front of expecting parents. Anything else should be a red flag.

“What I do is I match the number, I match the timing and then I print out immediately,” said Corraya.

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