Day Care Worker Tapes Toddler Dow For Nap Time

Taking Naptime To A Whole New Level

Alicia Lyons, a 20-year old day care worker, may not be watching children in her future. Apparently the 18-month old she was watching just got too much for her to handle, so she decided to duct tape the child to the mat and force him to go to sleep.

She was arrested and fired from Mustard Seeds child care, and hopefully will seek a future in another field.

Children can get quite out of hand at times, but seriously, is this any way to handle it? Did the phrase “child abuse” never enter the young girl’s mind as she was duct taping what must have been a struggling, upset child to the mat?

Perhaps if she had held the child, read him a book, or possibly sang him a song, he would have happily drifted off for nap time. Luckily her actions were caught, and hopefully will not be repeated in the future.

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