Denise Richards a New Mom, Adopts a Baby Girl

Denise Richards, actress and former wife of Charlie Sheen, has recently become a new mom after adopting a baby girl, whom she has named Eloise Joni Richards, after her late mother.

Richards is one of about a dozen of Hollywood’s single and elite to adopt children over the last several years, with Madonna being the most notable. Richards already has two older daughters by former husband Charlie Sheen. Unlike many Hollywood adoptions, Richards decided to adopt the infant domestically. Way to step up, Denise!

Little Eloise is already at home where older sisters Sam and Lola are adapting to life with their new sister.

Richards has sole physical custody of the two daughters, with Sheen only having occasional visits. She must have a very maternal instinct, as she even offered to care for Sheen’s two sons when he and his girlfriend were having some difficulties in their relationship. That takes some serious love and commitment to the better interest of children for sure!

“Denise and Eloise’s big sisters couldn’t be happier and feel incredibly blessed,” her rep said in a recent statement.

Richards is best known for her leading star role in the film ‘Wild Things,’ as well as for her role in the ‘Bond’ film franchise.

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