Do Not Overuse the Word “No”

“No” is a powerful and important word. Those who do not learn to use the word “no” at the proper time set themselves up for many problems.

Punishment and Toddlers: What Doesn't Work
Punishment and Toddlers: What Doesn’t Work

“No” should be used judiciously, but it is important not to overuse this word.

Here are some reasons not to say this negative word too often:

1. Parents sometimes get in the habit of automatically responding to their children’s requests with a quick “no.” This is discouraging for children, no matter what their age may be. Sometimes parents wonder why they do not have a warmer, closer relationship with their children. They would do well to notice how frequently they give a negative answer without really considering what it is their children are asking.

2. It is important for every person to develop a good reputation. The attitude that a person exhibits will have a great effect on the level of success he achieves. This is true at work, school, in the family, at social events and in every other part of life. The individual who perpetually demonstrates a negative attitude will not be respected nor followed. Some words of wisdom that should be remembered in most situations are: don’t overuse the word “no.”

3. Saying “no” too quickly and frequently can result in a person missing many of life’s pleasures and adventures. Travel, exotic foods, new experiences, making new friends and many other activities are rarely experienced by the person who too frequently says “no.” Negative attitudes are damaging.

4. Saying “no” too frequently is injurious to a personality. A negative attitude is associated with frowns, doubts, reluctance and failure to grow. No one wants to be known as an individual who has a bad attitude and a poor personality. Overuse of the word “no” is a destructive habit to develop.

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