Eating Better During Pregnancy Reduces Birth Defects‎

What Women Should Eat For Their Baby

Pregnancy is a time in a woman’s life when she needs to take care of not only herself, but also her unborn baby. Eating better is one of the ways that she can make sure her unborn baby is healthy and lacks birth defects.

Recent studies have shown that women should consume more than the recommended amount of folic acid that doctors have suggested. Folic acid protects against certain birth defects, but not all. Women who are pregnant should try to get foods in their diet that correspond to the recommendations of the food guide pyramid.

The weight of the woman before she gets pregnant is important as well. Underweight women should eat more in order for their baby to gain strength and be less likely to develop birth defects. Women who are overweight need to monitor their calorie intake, eating more vegetables and fruits than carbohydrates.

Protein is an important part of the diet for all women, as well as the good fats. Milk and other dairy products are a good choice for women who are pregnant and want to reduce the chances of birth defects in their baby. Other essential vitamins and nutrients that the woman should try to get in her diet include vitamin C, vitamin D and calcium.

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