Excessive Crying in Babies Linked To ADHD

New research conducted in Switzerland that reviewed more than 20 prior studies on infant development concluded that babies suffering from certain problems, including excessive crying and difficulty in either eating or sleeping, may be at increased risk of developing certain behavioral problems like ADHD later in life.

While most babies will suffer from such problems at one time or another during their first year of life, persistence in any of them over a long period of time may indicate a more serious, underlying condition. As well, problems in multiple categories simultaneously, such as babies who both excessively cry and have trouble sleeping at night, are at an increased risk of later behavioral problems. Socioeconomic issues were also a predictive indicator of future trouble as babies from troubled families were more likely to develop ADHD and other behavioral problems.

The researchers emphasized that it is important for parents to follow their children closely in order to discover any changes in the behavior of their babies, something that might indicate a potential problem that a doctor needs to see. Early intervention in these matters may help to minimize the potential impact of these problems on future behavioral development, allowing kids to lead better lives.

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