Five Year Old Girl Drives Suv In Search Of Her Mom

A five year old girl in Mansfield, Ohio got into the family’s SUV and crashed it into a neighbor’s yard just a few feet from her home. She came home to an empty house and went looking for her mother.

The little girl, Amelia Kegley, was not aware that her mother had been rushed to the hospital hours earlier by ambulance. According to police, the father did not get the message that he was supposed to pick up his young daughter.

Amelia called 911 to ask the police for help. She told the dispatcher that she got off the school bus and no one was home and that she got into the family car to look for her mother.

Thankfully, the young girl was not hurt in the incident. The parents were located with the help of the dispatcher. At this time, the parents have not been charged with any wrongdoing, but the Ohio Children’s Services is investigating the case.

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