Girl locked in cage

Two people have been arrested in the state of New Mexico after police found a girl locked in a wooden cage. The eight year old girl has developmental disabilities and was left at home alone, in the cage, while her mother took three other children to school to watch an evening movie.

Cindy Patriarchias and Edmond Gonzales, the womans boyfriend, watched the evening movie and then returned home. Cops had to wait outside the residence for an hour to wait for them to return. Once inside, they located a handmade wooden cage in a corner of a bedroom with the girl locked inside. The cage had a crib mattress laid in the bottom and two latches on the outside.

Cindy Patriarchias, 33, has been charged with negligent child abuse. Edmond Gonzales, 37, was charged with negligently permitting the child abuse to happen. The couple is being held $25,000 cash-only bonds.


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