Houston Children Injured by Gun at School

Most parents of young children come to accept the bumps and bruises that their kids will accumulate. Scraped knees and cut fingers are commonplace for active children. However, most parents do not think twice about their child being injured by a gun in kindergarten.

Unfortunately, this week in Houston, Texas, the previously described nightmare came true. One of the six-year-old students at Ross Elementary School brought a loaded gun to the playground, reports the Associated Press.

At some point, the child dropped the gun, causing the weapon to accidentally discharge.

Three children were injured in the accident, including the child who brought the gun. A six-year-old boy was grazed in the leg, while a five-year-old girl was injured in the knee. The child who brought the gun was injured in the foot. All three children were taken to the hospital, but officials say that none of the injuries are serious.

Despite the good news that none of the children were seriously injured in this incident, parents and school officials are rightfully concerned about what happened. Questions are still being asked about how the child came in possession of the gun and why he brought it to the school. The school is providing grief counselors to help the students cope.

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