Is Anal Sex Safe During Pregnancy?

Knowing how to pursue a sex life while pregnant is a question that stymies many women and their partners. There are so many restrictions placed upon a pregnant woman from the moment she conceives – dietary and recreational limitations are just the tip of the iceberg – and many mothers-to-be are curious about what activities are still safe for them and for the child they are carrying. Not all of the prohibitions associated with sex while pregnant are obvious – for example, blowing into a woman’s vagina during oral sex can cause burst blood vessels that are potentially life-threatening for both mother and baby, so this is a behavior partners should definitely avoid! What about other types of sexual activity?

Many women and their partners have concerns about whether anal sex is safe to have while the woman is pregnant. Like any other activity, there are differences between having anal sex as a non-pregnant woman, and as a woman carrying a baby. Expert opinions differ as to the risks involved in pregnant anal sex.

Enlarged Blood Vessels Carry Risk

When pregnant, your blood vessels are enlarged. This can result in inflammation of delicate anal tissue, which in turn can lead to irritation, bleeding, and infection. Women who have hemorrhoids should be aware that in many cases, these become enlarged during pregnancy, and if they begin bleeding then one can lose a considerable amount of blood while having anal sex. This, in turn, can put both mother and baby at risk.

Avoiding Infection During Anal Sex

Because of the hormonal and physical changes that take place in a pregnant woman’s body, some women and their partners prefer anal sex at this time. No matter how often a couple chooses to include anal sex on their sexual menu, one must practice good hygiene throughout the experience. The penis should always be washed thoroughly before being inserted into the vagina after anal sex. Infections can otherwise be from the anus to the vagina, where infections are more likely to have a negative effect on a fetus. Infections are also more difficult to treat during pregnancy, as being pregnant severely limits the treatment options that a doctor may have when trying to find a cure.

Listen To Your Body

Most importantly, women need to remember to listen to their bodies when having anal sex during pregnancy. By using plenty of water-based lubrication and working with a partner at a regular pace that’s comfortable for both members of a couple, women can enjoy anal sex and orgasms safely throughout their pregnancy. One caveat: toward the end of pregnancy, as a baby’s head engages with the pelvis, there is less room available “down there”, so women might find things getting a bit crowded. If, at any point, anal penetration or any other sexual activity becomes uncomfortable or painful for a pregnant mother, the activity should be stopped and couples should look for alternative ways to enjoy one another’s bodies.

With a little caution, any couple can enjoy healthy anal sex during pregnancy.

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