Israeli Parents Name Baby After Facebook Button

Social networking is taking over the world a little more every day. First, an Egyptian baby was named after the social site Facebook, and now a baby has been named “Like” after a button on the massive network.

The Israeli parents responsible for this unusual choice of names say they wanted to give their baby girl a unique name.

The couple like the feature on Facebook, so they thought it would make for the perfect name. Unique and extraordinary baby names are nothing new, but naming a baby after a feature of a social networking site is really uncommon.

Lior and Vardit Adler shocked their friends and family members when they revealed their newborn’s name. The family was used to the Adlers’ odd choices in names, but they said that this is a whole new level of strange. The Adlers’ two older children are named Pie and Dvash, which translates to honey in Hebrew.

The Adlers say that back in the old days, people named their children after biblical characters. Today, Facebook is an iconic word so it only made sense to start naming children after the network. Like’s father says he expects people to be shocked by the name, and that is what makes it so fun for him.

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