Japanese Researchers Creates Pregnancy Simulator For Men

Pregnancy – It’s Not Just For Women Anymore

At least that’s how Japanese researchers at the Kanagawa Institute of Technology feel. The have invented the Mommy Tummy 8.0 pregnancy simulator.

When a man puts the device on, he will feel like he is carrying a baby. Water is pumped into a bag which is filled with four dozen balloons. The smaller balloons get bigger and smaller mimicking a baby’s kicks. This device can bring you from normal sized to full blown pregnancy in just two minutes!

Men obviously can not understand exactly what if feels like to be a pregnant woman. Some may not be as sympathetic as others and do not offer their assistance or their seat to a woman who may just need a break. The Mommy Tummy can let them see what it feels like to have the extra weight and the awkwardness of having such a large belly in the way of your normal everyday activities. The simulated kicking of the baby can perhaps help them to understand the daily discomfort a woman goes through while carrying her child.

Of course the men will not get the full blown effect of weird cravings, morning sickness and luckily get to miss out on the labor pains. But it is a start.

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