Jenna Fischer Welcomes New Son

Actress Jenna Fischer, along with her husband Lee Kirk, have welcomed a new son into their lives.

Fischer’s reps have confirmed that Weston Lee was born on September 24th and both mother and babe are doing quite well.

“The Office” actress had only made news of her pregnancy public back in May when she made an appearance on ‘The Tonight Show.’

“I’ve been really lucky,” Fischer said, speaking of her complication free pregnancy. “I’ve had a really easy pregnancy.”

Fischer went on to explain that while her taste in food changed slightly, she didn’t experience a lot of the bizarre food cravings that many expectant mothers report experiencing during their pregnancies.

The 37-year-old actress said that her cravings started off with a lot of macaroni and cheese as well as cereal. She then noted that those desires moved into an urge for strawberries.

Fischer first married screenwriter James Gunn in late 2000. The couple separated in 2007 with their divorce being granted in 2008. She became engaged to Lee Kirk in 2009 and the pair were married last year. Little Weston is the first child for both Kirk and Fischer.

Fischer’s pregnancy was scripted into her ‘Office’ role as Pam Halpert.

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