LaBrie Found Guilty – Sentence To Be Handed Down Friday

After less than seven hours of deliberation, the jury in the case against Kristen LaBrie returned a guilty verdict. LaBrie was being charged for attempted murder of her then 7-year-old son, Jeremy.

LaBrie was charged, and now convicted, on multiple counts in the death of her autistic son for withholding his cancer medication in 2006. The boy died in 2009 from leukemia, but was originally diagnosed with a treatable type of lymphoma. Without the medication, the cancer progressed and he eventually died.

LaBrie’s lawyer tried to convey to the jury the overwhelming responsibility of raising an autistic child. LaBrie’s son, Jeremy, was a non-verbal autistic, meaning he was unable to communicate with others. In the end, the jury found LaBrie guilty on counts of assault and battery on a disabled person, attempted murder, reckless endangerment of a child, and assault and battery on a child.

One member of the jury stated they did not want to convict LaBrie, having great sympathy for her, after the trial. Hearing all the testimony in the case, the jury members were not able to find that shadow of a doubt. In the end, they handed down the guilty verdicts.

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