Laughing Baby Video Goes Viral

Some viral videos become an instant success as soon as they are uploaded while others take weeks or even months to get noticed. The success of baby Micah and her hilarious laughing episode came five weeks after being uploaded by her father, Marcus McArthur. Almost instantly, baby Micah’s video had eight million viewers. So, how did it grab the attention of so many people all of a sudden? Alyssa Milano shared the video with her followers on Twitter.

Alyssa Milano, an actress and soon-to-be-mother, tweeted to her followers on February 25, “If this video doesn’t make you smile, check your pulse.” Immediately, people began logging into YouTube to watch baby Micah laughing each time her father ripped a piece of paper. However, what started the laughter was no ordinary piece of ripped paper; it was a rejection letter he had received after applying for a job as a professor.

Instead of throwing the paper away, McArthur ripped it in half. This got the attention of baby Micah and she began giggling at the sound. McArthur found his baby’s laughter so infectious that he set up his video camera and ripped more paper. Now the whole world can share in the laughter of baby Micah and her love for the sound of ripping paper.

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