Man Arrested Over Saying “There’s No Santa”

Man Arrested Over Saying "There's No Santa"
Man Arrested Over Saying “There’s No Santa”

A Kingston man was arrested after attempting to crash the annual Santa Claus parade. The man was apprehended after running through the parade, telling children that that Santa Claus is not real.

According to the Christian Post, the man drunken man was arrested and charged with violating the terms of his probation, public intoxication, and for disrupting the peace. Officer Steve Koopman, the public media liaison for the Kingston Police Department, went on record to disclose the reasons behind the man’s arrest.

“People were saying he was arrested for telling the truth,” Koopman told one media source. “In all honesty, he was disturbing everyone there.
We felt it very necessary to take him off the street.”

It was reported that the Claus parade crasher had spiked his hair into two small points to resemble Dr. Seuss’ famous Christmas villain, The Grinch.

The man was held overnight and was granted bail the following day.

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