Maryland officials to decide on crib bumper ban today

Officials in the state of Maryland are expected today to deliver a decision on whether or not to ban the use of bumpers in baby cribs.

The law to ban the common fixtures came after health officials reported at least one confirmed case of an infant dying due to asphyxiation caused by a present crib bumper. While it hasn’t been deemed illegal in any location to actually use crib bumpers, Chicago recently became the first city to place a ban on selling the item. If passed, Maryland will become the first state to prohibit their sale.

Some have said that the heavy marketing of the item has often caused parents to disregard the dangers involved in using the items, which are meant to provide extra cushioning for a rolling infant or toddler, as well as to act as a decorative item.

Infants often end up face first into the puffy fabrics of the bumpers, causing them to suffocate. The bumpers are also said to pose a hazard to toddlers, who often use them as leverage to climb upon and launch themselves out of their cribs.

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