Midwife Shortage Responsible For A Million Deaths

A new report is blaming a shortage of midwives as the reason for more than a million deaths of babies and mothers all around the world. The report has been published by Save the Children foundation. The group claims preventable complications associated with birth are the main cause of these deaths.

Most of these deaths occur in under developed countries where millions of mothers give birth with no assistance from a trained person. Many of these women go through the entire birthing process completely alone. These birthing mothers are not aware of what needs to happen to ensure their safety and the health of their newborn child.

Save the Children suggests another 350,000 trained midwives could dramatically reduce the number of deaths each year due to birth complications. Midwives are trained in just eight procedures, but that little bit of knowledge could reduce the number of infant deaths by a third.

The money for training is not the only obstacle in the midwife shortage. The report points out the long hours, poor conditions, and little pay midwives are typically faced with in the poorer countries. Governments are being asked to provide better working conditions for the midwives in order to prevent another million deaths.

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