Mila Kunis’ Baby Bump More Pronounced at Stagecoach Festival

Indio, California – Actress Mila Kunis, age 30, has oddly refused to confirm whether or not she is pregnant, but it is becoming quite obvious that is precisely her condition. At the recent Stagecoach Festival, which features Country music, the former co-star of the popular sitcom “That 70s Show” wore nice fitting jeans, a pink plaid shirt with a black tank top underneath. When raising her arms to knot her hair, the contours of the baby bump were quite evident. Kunis attended the music event with her former “That 70s Show” co-star Ashton Kutcher to whom she is engaged. Kutcher now stars on the sitcom “Two and a Half Men” after having successfully replaced embattled co-star Charlie Sheen.

Another photograph revealed the youngsters in a tender moment enjoying the music. Kutcher stood behind Kunis with his long arms wrapped on the underside of her baby bump. The two have struck up a legitimate romance which by all accounts is substantive. It is so much the case that Kutcher’s spurned ex-wife Demi Moore plans to be out of the country and taking yoga lessons in a remote part of India sans any electronic devices. She is having about as much a difficult time accepting his upcoming marriage as she is accepting that she is aging.

The couple was spotted enjoying laughter and the occasional moment of levity during the entire affair. Kutcher even briefly danced with Kunis and dipped her back while providing her immense support lest she exert herself too much. Kutcher made it clear that he can dance as he put on the moves with full confidence in his abilities. For her part, Kunis seemed to immensely enjoy watching Kutcher dance perhaps even more than she did to dance herself. The Stagecoach Festival runs from April 25 to 27 and the couple attended the first day’s events.

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