Mila Kunis “Baby Bump” Photo Has Tongues Wagging

 Mila Kunis "Baby Bump" Photo Has Tongues Wagging
Mila Kunis “Baby Bump” Photo Has Tongues Wagging

A photo of actress Mila Kunis taking a walk with boyfriend Ashton Kutcher has fired up the rumor mill. Taken last Saturday, the photo shows Mila in a clingy tank top sporting what appears to be a small baby bump.

The British tabloids started the speculation, which quickly spread through social media. Kunis’s representative was quick to put a stop to the rumor, stating that the 29-year-old star of That 70s Show and Black Swan is not pregnant.

Kutcher, 34, has been an object of scrutiny himself since his split with actress Demi Moore, which sent her into a tailspin, resulting in a brief hospital stay. When not busy shooting Two and a Half Men, Kutcher has been seen with numerous famous ladies of which Kunis is the latest.

Critics of the photo have said that the combination of an unflattering camera angle and a clingy top gave Kunis the appearance of being pregnant. Others are not so certain and are sticking with the baby bump theory.

Kunis will appear in the upcoming films Blood Ties and Oz: The Great and Powerful. Both are scheduled for release in 2013.

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