Miracle Baby and Mom Survives Landslide

Miracle Baby and Mom Survives Landslide

What are the odds of a five- month- old baby surviving a massive landslide that took the lives of 43 people? Well, the odds were favorable for this miracle baby, and his mom. Duke Suddarth and his mother, Amanda Skorjanc cling to each other as their house was swallowed up by the Oso landslide.Although, their neighbors were not so lucky, Duke and his mother were. It happened on March 22, 2014. Amanda says, she lives with the memories of what happened every day. She says she thinks about the people that are no longer there, and the pain she was in and what she was thinking about, when the landslide occurred.

She said she remembers holding onto her son, and thinking she cannot let him go, no matter what. Amanda says she remembered being pinned under some heavy debris, and seeing her son blue and dirty. Amanda’s cry for help was heard by a man who took Duke and handed him to emergency responders.

Amanda stayed behind to wait for a rescue helicopter to airlift her to safety. Even after one year of surviving that dreadful ordeal, the pain and memories of that day still haunt Amanda. What gives her comfort and makes her smile is Duke, and knowing that he is going to be just fine.

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