Mom allegedly encourages BB gun vandalism

Mother Arrested for BB Gun Vandalism

Susan Becker of East Northport, New York had an interesting way of spending quality time with her children. According to police reports, the 43 year old woman purchased a BB gun, and then took her two children and a neighborhood friend of theirs to shoot at parked cars with the gun. Becker was arrested on Friday for the damage that was done. Police in Suffolk County investigated over 60 complaints of damage to their vehicles in Hauppage, Commack, and Islandia over the past two weeks. It’s being reported that as Becker drove some youths around and ordered them to shoot at the vehicles.

Becker’s 15 year old daughter and 13 year old son along with a 15 year old boy were the ones who had actually fired the BB gun at her direction. The charges that were brought against Becker included endangering the welfare of the children, criminal mischief and destruction of property. She was scheduled to be arraigned on Saturday.

As per usual in these situations the friends and relatives were quick to identify that this wasn’t the normal behavior that Becker exhibited. They claimed that she was a typical mother and a good person.

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