Mother Allows 7 Year Old to Get Plastic Surgery to Prevent Bullying

A seven year old girl from Sturgis, North Dakota, has undergone plastic surgery to correct her ears in an effort to prevent bullying.

“This was a preventative way, so she wouldn’t get bullied,” Cammy Shaw, a South Dakota mom, told “Good Morning America.” “Kids are mean. That’s just how they are.”

Shaw stated that her daughter suffered from her ears sticking out too much and opted for the girl to undergo otoplasty, or pinning back of the ear.

Young children often suffer name calling such as Dumbo when their ears appear to stick out more than normal. However, the operation is actually quite intensive and should be considered a last option for someone so young.

Proponents of these types of procedures state that high incidence of suicide and low self-esteem are good enough reasons to have the operation performed. Opponents state that a simple change in hairstyle may have helped prevent a 7 year old from undergoing major surgery for a perceived flaw.

The question remains: is bullying such a large issue that children must undergo plastic surgery to make themselves appear more normal to the bully? Or, perhaps, is it time to teach children to love themselves and how to deal with bullies without placating them? Both sides of this issue are sure to raise many arguments as this type of procedure becomes more commonplace.

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