Mother in Kenya Names Twins After President and Challenger

Millicent Owuor’s sons will always remember the day that they were born. That’s because the new mother from Kenya chose to name her new twins after U.S. President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney. The District Hospital where the twins were born on U.S. election day, November 6, is near Kogelo in southwest Kenya, the village where Barack Obama’s grandmother is currently a resident.

Owuor says she was following the results of the American presidential campaign and election very closely because, she, like most Kenyans, are champions of the incumbent president Obama.

The 20-year old new mother reports she thought that giving her new twin sons the exact names of the president and his opponent in the 2012 race would always remind her of Obama’s victory and remind her sons of President Obama’s heritage tracing back to Africa.

No word if she is planning to invite Obama to visit his namesake.

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