Mother Saves Sleeping Daughter From Python

Mother Saves Sleeping Daughter From Python

A mother in New South Wales, recently awakened by the hissing of her cat in the bedroom, awoke to find that a six-foot long python had wrapped itself around her sleeping 2-year old daughter’s arm.

Despite her feelings of terror, Tess Guthrie tried to grab the snake away but it took her three tries before she was able to grab the reptile by its head and successfully pull the two of them apart. Because daughter Zara had been bitten by the startled python in the process, she was immediately taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

A snake expert reports that the python wasn’t looking to eat the child, but mistakenly sensed her warm body as someplace heated to curl up for the night. A professional snake removal service took the python, also known as a carpet snake, and released it back into the wilderness because Mrs. Guthrie did not want the animal to be killed.

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