Mother Sold 17 Month-Old Son for $94 to Buy Jeans, Mobile Phone

Mother Pleads Guilty To Selling Toddler For Jeans

A 20-year-old mother entered a guilty plea after it was discovered she had sold her 17-month-old son for Rs5,000, the equivalent of $94 US Dollars.

The incident took place Mundamala, India. It remains unclear as to how the authorities were notified of the baby swap.

The young mother then used her ill-gotten gains to purchase a pair of jeans, several blouses, a cellular phone, and airtime service minutes for the phone.

The police were able to later locate and safely recover the boy and offered to return the tyke to his mother’s custody.

After his mother refused to resume care for the child, the court ordered police to hand the toddler over to the state’s social services department.

The mother initially attempted to tell the court that she had sold the child due to being impoverished and needing money to assist in the legal defense of her jailed husband.

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