New Safety Standards for Cribs Begin Today

New standards from the Consumer Product Safety Commission went into effect today regarding the safety of child cribs. Cribs with drop-down side rails have been linked to over 30 infant deaths in the past decade.

With the constant jostling of the drop-down side rail, often they become loose or incorrectly placed on their track creating a gap. Infants have been suffocated by becoming lodged in the gap with the inability to free themselves.

The new safety standards no longer allow the manufacturing of drop-down side rail cribs.

Cribs manufactured before 2011 are not considered to be in compliance with the new safety standards. These cribs also are not allowed to be purchased or re-sold in any forum.

According to the new standards, cribs are now to be fixed and stationary, made of more durable material, and put through more intensive crib safety tests.

The safety tests will determine that qualifying cribs do not pose a choking hazard such as having loose screws or have too many moving parts.

Child care centers, hospitals, hotels, and other businesses that provide cribs for babies are required to be in compliance with the new safety standards by December 28, 2012. Infants will be sleeping even more soundly now in their safe, new cribs.

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