Nine Year Old Girl Gives Birth in Mexico

Nine Year Old Girl Gives Birth in Mexico

Jalisco, Mexico – A nine year old child named Dafne has given birth to a 5.7 pound baby by C-section. Dafne was only eight years old when she became pregnant by a seventeen year old boy. The police are calling this a case of rape or child molestation because Dafne was too young by Mexican statute to consent to engaging in sex.

In fact, Dafne was too young to deliver a child other than by C-section because her body had not developed sufficient to physically for labor and delivery.

Police are looking for the father but he has fled the area. He may face criminal charges once he is located. However, the police also made the following statement in regards to the mother: “Due to her young age, we don’t know if she is being entirely truthful.”

Last year, a ten year old Columbian girl gave birth to a child. In 2010, a young Chinese girl gave birth to a child. Dafne gave birth to a baby girl in Zoquipan Hospital and both are said to be doing well. Dafne says the father was her boyfriend. Police have yet to determine if they will charge the father with rape or sex abuse.


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