North Idaho Company At Center Of Salmonella Outbreak Investigation

Another salmonella outbreak has been reported. However, this one is not connected to the massive European outbreak. So far, five states in the U.S. have reported cases of salmonella. States include: Idaho, Montana, Washington, New Jersey and North Dakota.

Alfalfa sprouts sold under the label “Evergreen Produce” are believed to be the source of this latest salmonella outbreak. The FDA reported they have at least 20 confirmed cases in the above-mentioned states, with one of the illnesses resulting in hospitalization. The sprouts were distributed throughout Idaho, Montana and Washington. Spicy sprouts or regular alfalfa sprouts sold in clear plastic bags are at the center of the investigation.

Evergreen Produce has not issued a recall and has not issued any statements about the FDA’s warning. The Idaho Public Health Department initially issued the warning for consumers to avoid eating sprouts from the Moyie Springs, Idaho, company.

Sprouts are frequently the source of food-borne illnesses. Over the past 15 years, 30 outbreaks have been blamed on raw or lightly cooked sprouts. Health officials recommend cooking sprouts thoroughly and advise children, elderly and those with compromised immune systems to avoid eating sprouts. Salmonella poisoning causes diarrhea, stomach cramps and fever, and these symptoms generally start within 12 hours of eating the contaminated food.

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