Octomom To Launch Singing Career?

The drama revolving Octomom Nadia Suleman seems to be far from over. After filing for bankruptcy in May this year, rumor has it that she resorted to doing porn to be able to feed her 14 kids.

And if that is not enough, she has also recently announced plans of launching a music career courtesy of Adam Barta’s current song called ‘Q&A’.

In the said song the reality show mom is heard saying these lines, “It’s Nadya — aka Octomom — I spoke to your record label and you won’t believe it — they want to sing me instead of you!” She is also in talks with Barta about the possibility of doing a duet together in the near future.

This is quite a deviation from the reality shows she once starred in. People, however, express doubts about her singing abilities. But Octomom is willing to give anything a try to get herself out of the financial rut she is in.

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