Overweight Mothers and Children Underestimate Own Weights

Columbia University researchers have discovered that overweight mothers and children have difficulty accurately estimating their own weight.

222 women and children were used as study subjects. A majority were Latino. The children were between the ages of seven and thirteen.

About 66% of the mothers and 40% of the children were either overweight or obese. Of the obese women, 82% underestimated their own weight. Only 43% of the overweight women and 13% of the normal weight women did. Similar numbers were recorded for the children.

The children and women also had difficulty seeing each other as overweight or obese. Half of the mothers viewed their overweight children as having a healthy weight.

The study was presented to the American Heart Association. The data has not been tested by other experts in the field. Cardiologist Robert Eckel of the University of Colorado Denver criticized the study’s size and ethnically homogeneous subjects.

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