Parents Give Thumbs Up the Thumbs Down

Burlington Junior School in Bridlington, East Yorks has drawn some criticism recently for putting a ban on students ages 8-9 raising their hands during class.

Instead the students are now asked to raise one thumb while cupping a hand behind that thumb in order to promote a calmer classroom. Head teacher Cheryle Adams claims, “Hands up can be more of a distraction for young children,” she added, “It can put them off because they have to put their ideas forward in a forceful way.”

Opponents of the ban say changing from the traditional hand raising will only confuse the young children. Further, they fear it will make their children a laughing stock when they advance next year to secondary school since all other schools still raise their hands.

Despite criticism, it appears Adams may be correct. Staff has noticed a positive difference in the amount of students answering questions.

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