Pit Bull Who Savagely Attacked Young Boy Will Spend Life in Jail

Phoenix, Arizona – The white pit bull named Mickey savagely attacked a young boy his owner & baby sitter was tending. Little 4-year-old Kevin Vicente will potentially face years of expensive and painful surgeries to reconstruct his eye socket and face after the powerful jaws of the dog nearly took his life. The attack occurred this past February 20. In response, you would think the dog would be put down. That will not be the case. Rather, Mickey, in a distorted act of animal kindness, will spend the rest of his life in the country jail. During much of that time, he will be in a cage where he can build up his frustrations towards the next person who inadvertently sets off his killer instinct.

Aside from the obvious question of whether the funds required to keep him in a shelter would be better spent elsewhere, animal rights advocates are relieved that he was spared. The dog will be kept in a cage at the jail of Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County. He tweeted his satisfaction that the animal won’t be put down. One has to wonder if the embattled sheriff, who has butted heads many times with President Obama over illegal immigration, realistically thinks that this sop to PETA will gain him some favor. How about putting the dog down and contributing the funds that would otherwise be spent keeping it alive to poor Kevin’s medical bills?

Sheriff Joe appears to be caught in the same dilemma of many dog lovers in that they can express charity far easier to animals than to humans. He is known for his harsh treatment of inmates and won’t hesitate putting them up in desert tent cities when the jail overflows. It should be noted that anyone else keeping a dog in a cage all day long would be considered by many as treating it cruelly.

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