Planned Parenthood Files Additional Lawsuit Over Texas Health Program

The family planning service Planned Parenthood has filed yet another lawsuit against the state of Texas, according to Reuters.

The organization initially filed suit against the state due to its bar against Planned Parenthood clinics from low-income health care services.

The state initially barred its low-income health care recipients from utilizing Planned Parenthood clinics because the organization also provided abortion services. The federal government has cut future funding for the program due to a Texas state law that prohibits funding for abortion providers and their affiliates. The lawsuit against the state of Texas was originally filed in federal court, but the court declined to reconsider the state’s ruling.

Planned Parenthood filed the latest lawsuit in state court.

According to LIfeNews.Com, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals refused to grant an additional hearing to Planned Parenthood regarding Texas’ legislation to end taxpayer funding of abortion companies, including Planned Parenthood.

The decision effectively ends the legal controversy surrounding the law and affirms Texas’ right to stop taxpayer dollars from flowing to abortion providers.

The organization claims that abortions are not provided within their clinics and that instead they address women’s health issues. Planned Parenthood provides services such as cancer screenings and access to birth control. The state has chosen to bar funding for Planned Parenthood because they are affiliated with abortion providers.

Texas Governor Rick Perry addressed the issue, calling the organizations attempts to receive funding a desperate attempt to make money from state taxpayers.

“In Texas, we’ve chosen to protect innocent life,” Perry said. “We will keep fighting for life, and we will ultimately prevail.”

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