Poor Muppet Moves Onto Sesame Street To Raise Hunger Awareness

PBS has always done a good job of showing kids how other kids live in the real world. In keeping with the tradition of introducing the tough lesson’s of life in a sensitive, but informative way kids can relate to, Lily, a Muppet from a poor family will visit Sesame Street on October 9.

Country music star Brad Paisley and his wife actress Kimberley Williams want to bring awareness to the fact that a growing population of families are struggling with poverty and the issue of “food insecurity.”

The prime-time special, “Growing Hope Against Hunger,” will feature real children telling their personal accounts about how they feel about not knowing when or where they will eat their next meal.

he Paisley’s feel this difficult issue for adults to confront is causing anxiety and fear in powerless children. This issue is striking the middle class dramatically, so explaining the hidden struggle classmates may be facing will hopefully lead to sensitivity, activism, and a non-bullying stance within the younger crowd.

The special does not only have kids explaining personal stories, but encourages volunteerism within their communities through food drives and assisting at food banks and shelter kitchens.

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